Privacy Notice

In this privacy notice, “We/Us/Our” refers to Life of Treedom Limited which is a company registered in England and Wales (14306285). “You/Your” refers to you, the natural person, or bot that is accessing and using “This/The Website/It” which itself, refers to the web pages hosted at

The purpose of this privacy notice is to outline what data is collected from You in Your usage of this website, so that You may make an informed decision on Your usage of it. To be honest, I’m a one man band but my background includes a good few years in data privacy and information security, so I’ve gone way over the top with this privacy notice.

⚖ Your Data Rights ️

You can have a copy of any data We hold on record for You and You have the right to ask for it to be updated and also to have it removed from any systems under Our control if a situation permits it. If you’d like to exercise your rights drop us a line to [email protected] and we’ll deal with each thing on a case by case basis inline with any timelines that we may have to work with. We use your email address as a means of verifying that data belongs to You and nothing else.

🔒 How We Protect Your Information

We only use 3rd party vendors who have either undergone and successfully passed certification against an international security standard such as ISO27001 or SOCII. We have no intention of also undergoing certification of either of these compliance frameworks. However, We implement controls that put us in alignment with many parts of these frameworks. For example, access control, risk management and considering data security in everything that we do. More generally, we treat your data with the respect it deserves and as if it were our own personal data.

💽 Information We Collect from you

If You’re casually browsing this website, then We do not directly capture any data about You and neither do We use any cookies. Pinky swear.


If You subscribe to our Substack then We get access to your name and your email address. If you unsubscribe from our Substack then that information is removed and We no longer have access to it.

Substack privacy policy


If You purchase anything from our Etsy store then We’ll get to see Your name, Your postal address and any extra information that You send or share with Us as part of the process of buying something from us. We are unable to remove your personal information from Etsy. You will have to do that directly with them.

Etsy privacy policy


We use Stripe to process payments and so if you buy something from us on our Etsy store or subscribe to our Substack then We’ll get the details of Your transaction in terms of what You purchased, where You purchased it from (Etsy / Substack). Stripe doesn’t give us access to information such as the card number or last three digits and neither do we want that. We are unable to remove any personal information from Stripe directly. You will have to do that with them directly.

Stripe privacy policy


This website is hosted using using Render and they capture data about Your use of the website indirectly as part of serving the web page to You. Life of Treedom has no access to individual parts of this data, but can access the data in aggregated form for the purpose of getting a vague idea of daily traffic to The Website. None of your personal data is stored on Render.

Render privacy policy

🏆 Ten Points

Very few people read privacy notices, so ten points to you for reading it.

😭 If you think we’ve failed you

You’re free to write to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and launch a formal complaint against us. We’re registered with the ICO as registration number ZB503528.

Last updated 24th Jan 2023.